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 Organization Structure

 Dato' Muhamad Fasri Shamsudin

Dato' Mohd Nawawi Ismail
Tengku M Y Annuar
Yusof Bin Ngah

Shamsiah Hj. Mohd Amin

     Shamsiah Hj Mohd Amin is chairpersom of TMESA for a second term (2006/2208) Prior to that she was also the chairperson of the Pro-tem Committee of TMESA in 2003 and after the association was officially registered in October 2003, she was elected as the first chairperson of TMESA (2004/2006).

     She was a student of Sekolah Tengku Mahmud from 1962 (Special Malay Class I) to 1969, and left the school after obtaining her Malaysian Certificate of Education/Senior Cambridge Certificate. In her final year at the School she was, among others, the Head Girl for the prefectorial board and the Girl Captain for Yellow House (Sports).
     A double degree holder, with B.A (Hons) and Diploma of Education from University of Malaya, and LL.B (Hons) from University Buckingham UK, Barrister  - at – Law (Lincoln’s Inns), she is presently a senior partner of a legal firm, Zamani Mohammad and Co, with offices in Kuala Terengganu and Subang Jaya.

 Timbalan Pengerusi
Dato' Che Mohamad Che Jusoh

Azmi Abd. Ghani

 Penolong Setiausaha
Normala Soulie Mohammad

Rusli Abdullah

 Ahli Jawatankuasa
Wan Ahmad Najmuddin
Wan Ismail Wan Hassan

Education: Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Kg Raja, Besut, Terengganu
      : Sekolah Menengah Tengku Mahmood, Besut, Terengganu
                 : Sekolah Dato Abdul Razak, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
                 : B E (Hons) Civil Engineering, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur

Married with 2 children (One boy and one girl).
Address: 29, Jln Bangau 6/5B, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor
Telephone: 03-5510-8633, 03-5882-3546 and 012-395-7725
Born in Terengganu in 1955.  Joined Petronas in June 1981 (a Petronas scholar) after graduated from University of Malaya with a Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering.  Over twenty-five (25) years of experience in the oil and gas, and related industries. Technical experiences cover various aspects of Oil and Gas business; Project Management, Contract Administration, Design/Fabrication Engineering, Construction and Commissioning. While in Petronas he was involved in upstream activities of oil and gas development mostly in the engineering and construction of offshore platforms. His involvement (major projects) was as follows: -
• Structural Engineer for the fabrication of Duyong Topsides (Contract value about RM130million) by Sumitomo Heavy Industries in Japan in 1982,
• Resident Engineer  (or Project Manager) for the fabrication of Dulang Topsides (Contract value about RM100million) by MSE in Johor in 1989,
• Senior Resident Engineer (or Senior Project Manager) for the fabrication of Baronia I and J platforms (Contract value about RM100million) by MSE in Johor in 1990, and
• Senior Resident Engineer (or Senior Project Manager) for the fabrication of BARDEGG Baronia and Baram Topsides (Contract value about RM300million) by Sime Sembcorp Engineering in Johor in 1992.
His last position was the Head of Fabrication in the Construction Department of Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd.

In January 1994, he left Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd to join Penang Shipbuilding & Construction Sdn Bhd, Penang  (PSC) as a General Manager in charge of oil and gas sector.  He left PSC after three months stay to set up his own company, Prism Heavy Industries Sdn Bhd, to do integrated fabrication contracts (through alliancing concept) for the offshore platforms, but failed to get the Petronas fabrication license (The Fabrication License was then frozen by Petronas).

Then in August 1995, he joined Sime Sembcorp Engineering Sdn Bhd, Johor, as a Senior Project Manager in Landbased Projects Division.  In January 1997, he was transferred to another subsidiary of Sime Darby Bhd, Sime Engineering Sdn Bhd, Kuala Lumpur (Engineering Design company) as a General Manager. Secured one EPCC project, MLNG-3, from Petronas. Sime consortium partners for the project are JGC and Kellogg Brown & Root. On July 1999, he was again transferred to Sime Darby Bhd as a General Manager, Petrochemical and Oil/Gas Business in Malaysia Region.

He is one of the founders of Tegas Kombinasi Teknologi Sdn Bhd. In October 2000, he left Sime Darby to run his company, Tegas Kombinasi Teknologi Sdn Bhd as an owner operator cum Executive Chairman. Tegas Kombinasi Teknologi Sdn Bhd is the only local manufacturer/maker of Battery Chargers and UPS for oil/gas, chemical and petrochemical sectors licensed by Petronas. In 2005, Petronas approved Tegas Kombinasi Teknologi Sdn Bhd to be under the Restricted Category for the supply of UPS systems for all oil/gas upstream activities (i.e  all UPS requirements must be sole-sourced from Tegas Kombinasi Teknologi Sdn Bhd).

He was very actively involved in Petronas CORAL (Cost Reduction Alliance) Conferences and Workshops since 1996. His involvement was as follows:
• 1998 – As one of the Paper Presenters.
• 1999 – As one of Organizing Committee members.
• 2000 – As one of the Next Wave Launching Committee members.
• 2001 - As a member of Operations Sub-Committee and one of the facilitators.
• 2002 – As one of the facilitators.
• 2003 – A one of the Operations Sub-Committee members.
He has attended many courses ranging from very technical to advance-level management courses since 1982.
Arjunaidi Mohamad
Abdullah Ali
Rosni Abdullah
Abd. Halim Awang
Ahmad Mustafa
Wan Mansor Wan Majid

Born in Kuala Terengganu in 1951 but originated from Kampung Amer, Besut. Married, with three boys. Received primary and secondary education at The Tengku Mahmood School from 1958 until 1968.
Joined The Rubber Research Institute of Malaysia in 1970 as a Research Assistant in the Soils and Crop Management Division, covering the plantation sector of peninsular Malaysia.
Whilst working, studied for Higher Certifcate of Education ( HSC ) and subsequently Diploma in Marketing ( Institute of Marketing, London/external ) at Stamford College,Petaling Jaya.
In 1974, joined Amchem Products Inc. of Ambler, Pennsylvania,U.S.A as a Product Technical Coordinator for agricultural chemical products and covers the area of Malaysia, Thailand and Sumatra, Indonesia. In 1979, the company merged into Union Carbide Agricultural Products Co.Inc. of North Carolina ,U.S.A. until the Bhopal tragedy in 1984 where one of its chemical manufacturing facility explodes, UCAPCO was then sold to Rhone Poulenc of France.Left UCAPCO in 1985 to pursue for an Advance Diploma In Business Administration at Yonsei University in Seoul ,South Korea and subsequently joined Oriental Chemical Industries , Seoul , as an International Marketing Coordinator for technical-grade agricultural chemical products and covering the markets in the Asian Territory.
Left OCI in 1995 and set up own agricultural chemical business , meanwhile, was appointed as Product Technical Consultant by Procrop Co.Ltd, Bangkok and P.T.Indagro Inc.,Jakarta.with the specialisation in product plant growth regulator.
Summarisingly,I tremendously enjoyed my experiences whilst still keeping acquatances as my dear friends. I loved music and one of the most momento in singing experience is having an earliest opportunity to sing karaoke from the original karaoke box, in Seoul.
Mohamad Jusoh
Lua Sing Ye
Norhayati Salleh
Naim Mohd Nor
Tai Mei Fong

1. Tahun di TMS : Jan 1965 - Dec 1969 ( Tkt 1 hingga Tkt 5 )
2. 1970 - 1971  :  Tkt 6 / HSC di Sultan Sulaiman Sec School ( SS) Kuala Terengganu3. 1972 - 1976  :  Universiti Malaya - Ijazah Sarjana Muda Sains & Diploma Pendidikan
4. Kerjaya : sebagai guru Siswazah    1977 - Jan 1978  --  Sek Men Tengku Intan Zaharah ( SMTIZ ) Dungun.    Feb 1979  - 2007  -- Sek Men Keb St Johns, Kuala Lumpur, akan bersara pada bulan Julai 2007.
5. Member of Protem committee 2003
   AJK ( Internal Audit ) - TMESA  Team 2004 / 2006  &  2006/2008
Chiu Lai Fong

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hakim | 02 Aug : 21:36
The website itself is very pre 2.0. Reminds me of the old days of the internet.

hakim | 02 Aug : 21:34
Admin how about we create a whatsapp group. Hopefully the group will be active and loaded with good old banter.

admin | 24 Feb : 15:21
Tahziah buat Dato Wi dan Dato Dzo diatas kematian MIL. Sedekahkan Alfatihah.

admin | 26 Dec : 11:06
Tahziah kepada mangsa banjir di seluruh negara.

roslan | 03 Aug : 13:10
semua bekas pelajar yang belum jadi ahli juga dijemput hadir. Boleh isi borang keahlian di sana.

Ahmad Salleh | 21 May : 03:49
Assalamualaikum, semua warga TMESA, warga X TMS dan warga TMS. Semoga semuanya sihat walafiat, dan dalah rahmat ALLAH.

admin | 25 Aug : 11:43
Hi... Gambar Raya 2013 dah ada dlm Photo Gallery. Pandai2lah ya

admin | 17 Aug : 03:50

admin | 24 Apr : 08:26
ado neh...

waan | 21 Apr : 14:27
Selamat mengundi kepada warga TMESA.
But where the heck is everybody?

waan | 18 Mar : 11:39
Hmmm....must have been busy preparing for GE13 kot...

waan | 18 Mar : 11:31
Knock! Knock!
Anybody home...?

kulan | 30 Jan : 06:04
AlFatihah semoga allahyarham ditempatkan bersama-sama dengan orang yang beriman...

Ahmad Salleh | 09 Oct : 22:42
Bro & Sis X TMS, Apa kahabar? Kami berdoa semoga semuanya sihat dan di berkati ALLAH.
Kepada yg menunaikan Fardhu Haji, semoga dapat haji Mabrur..

Ahmad Salleh | 17 Aug : 04:50
SELAMAT HARI RAYA Maaf Zahir Batin kepada semu AJK ^MESA, ahli2 TMESA dan semua keluarga TMS. Tk


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