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 A Trip Down Memory Lane 2 (Updated: 08 Aug 2007)
Black and White TV
06 Aug 2007, Part 24.

Every day after school, we proceeded to another “class” to learn rudimentary of  the Al- Quran recitation at my neighbour’s house. What a great teacher she was with an exceptionally high level of patience. When she was not with us in the crowd, probably attending to other matters in the kitchen we took that opportunity to chat  among ourselves and sometimes it turned noisy and rowdy. There was one boy who was talkative and very fond of talking about Samurai series shown on the TV. He seemed  able to do recite the story better than the director of Samurai himself. I had not seen a TV before. My imagination told me it was like a radio with a screen. In his excitement of telling his version of Samurai, he invited me to watch the show but not at his house. I made a deal with him that after the Magrib prayer he would meet me at one  junction in Kg Raja. I could not hold my patient to see him. He showed up as promised, he was a  a gentleman through and through indeed. He was my senior and his name was Mamat BSJ.  BSJ means Batu Se Jam. Actually the teasing was on the ‘J’. He got a protruded navel(belly button). Friends teased him ’Mamat Pusat Bujil’.

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hakim | 02 Aug : 21:36
The website itself is very pre 2.0. Reminds me of the old days of the internet.

hakim | 02 Aug : 21:34
Admin how about we create a whatsapp group. Hopefully the group will be active and loaded with good old banter.

admin | 24 Feb : 15:21
Tahziah buat Dato Wi dan Dato Dzo diatas kematian MIL. Sedekahkan Alfatihah.

admin | 26 Dec : 11:06
Tahziah kepada mangsa banjir di seluruh negara.

roslan | 03 Aug : 13:10
semua bekas pelajar yang belum jadi ahli juga dijemput hadir. Boleh isi borang keahlian di sana.

Ahmad Salleh | 21 May : 03:49
Assalamualaikum, semua warga TMESA, warga X TMS dan warga TMS. Semoga semuanya sihat walafiat, dan dalah rahmat ALLAH.

admin | 25 Aug : 11:43
Hi... Gambar Raya 2013 dah ada dlm Photo Gallery. Pandai2lah ya

admin | 17 Aug : 03:50

admin | 24 Apr : 08:26
ado neh...

waan | 21 Apr : 14:27
Selamat mengundi kepada warga TMESA.
But where the heck is everybody?

waan | 18 Mar : 11:39
Hmmm....must have been busy preparing for GE13 kot...

waan | 18 Mar : 11:31
Knock! Knock!
Anybody home...?

kulan | 30 Jan : 06:04
AlFatihah semoga allahyarham ditempatkan bersama-sama dengan orang yang beriman...

Ahmad Salleh | 09 Oct : 22:42
Bro & Sis X TMS, Apa kahabar? Kami berdoa semoga semuanya sihat dan di berkati ALLAH.
Kepada yg menunaikan Fardhu Haji, semoga dapat haji Mabrur..

Ahmad Salleh | 17 Aug : 04:50
SELAMAT HARI RAYA Maaf Zahir Batin kepada semu AJK ^MESA, ahli2 TMESA dan semua keluarga TMS. Tk


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